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PortOne CEO Daniel Shin Showcases Traits, Habits, and Skills That Lead to Success

Daniel Shin is a renowned venture capitalist and angel investor with years of experience in the e-commerce field. Co-founder and Co-CO at PortOne Global, Shin garnered a reputation in the industry as a deal-maker and needle mover thanks to his work with e-commerce outlets like TicketMonster and business-to-business companies like Fast Track Asia.

Rapidly garnering attention for his runaway success, Shin has taken time away from the office to share what has made him so successful along the way.

Getting to Know Daniel Shin

Daniel Shin has always been about getting things done. A graduate of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Shin found himself securing his B.Sc. in Economics before landing on the “40 Under 40” list for Wharton Magazine. Other accolades for Shin’s name include CEO of the Year as recognized by Whaton’s Weekly People and the 2019 Young Global Leader from The World Economic Forum.

Daniel Shin likes to diversify what he is working on, and that has led him to invest in several projects, including Pomelo Fashion, Fave, Marketit, Korea Credit Data, and NBT Partners.

Getting Started With Daniel Shin

When Daniel Shin begins each work day, he likes to do so by prioritizing and engaging with the most critical points of his day. This list is compiled before he gets to work and dwells upon it up until he begins engaging with it. Shin develops this priority list until he is confident he can tackle it first thing in the morning, giving himself real momentum to begin his day.

Shin says, “My typical day used to be bogged down with calls and meetings. (…) Focusing on a few key decisions and punting the rest is significantly more effective than doing everything in an average way.”

Building Camaraderie With the Right Team

While Daniel Shin likes to take charge of each day by empowering his efforts, he understands that he needs to rely on his colleagues to find enduring success in the field. As a result of this understanding, Shin spends a lot of his time making sure that he is surrounding himself with the right people.

When it comes time to bring ideas to life, it is all about teamwork with people who you can trust and rely on. Shin says, “When the right people are in the room with you, ideas naturally come to life without much friction.”

In addition to simply surrounding himself with winning individuals, Shin understands that he has to take their feedback, whether it is positive or negative, preparing his own responses while giving credence where it is due. Shin would go on to say, “I try to focus on surrounding myself with a team that is just as passionate and excited about execution as I am.”

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