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What are the Protocols Used by the IPTV Services?

IPTV needs many protocols as it hosts both multicast Live TV as well as the unicasted VOD. A feed type needs a broadband connection which may be through a fixed or a wireless IP network. This tends to connect the game console, set top box, personal computer, smart TV or table of the user. This diverse range of video compression is offered by many codecs.

Here is a list of delineated protocols used by IPTV services of

  1. Service provider based streams

They use a range of protocols to deliver to many data types. When subscribing to a live multicast or transitioning from one live multicast to the other needs IGMP. LANs and WANs serve IP multicasts which are usually routed with the help of Protocol Independent Multicast or PIM in the network core. VOD makes the use of a negotiated connection depending on the RTP or Real Time Transport Protocol transmitted through an H.222 stream over TCP and UDP for encapsulation.

  1. Web unicast for live and VOD streams

Webcasts are dependent on a multitude of media player apps entailing Adobe Flash Player, Microsoft Silverlight, and the Apple iOS player. Every one of them makes the use of a different method and protocol. Adobe uses RTMP over TCP. It is operable with AMF, JSON or XML for control and setup. Apple uses the embedded M3U files. It streams the HLS adaptive bitrate which is streaming over the HTTP. Microsoft Silverlight also tends to stream through the HTTP but it uses the adaptive bitrate streaming to offer a smooth playback.

  1. Web based multicast live and unicast VOD streams

They use recommendations from the IETF or the Internet Engineering Task Force. It empowers RTP transmitted through the TCP or UDP with the help of setup and control of the RTSP over the TCP.

  1. Connected device control streams

It entails game consoles, set top boxes, networked personal video recorders, and smart TV. IPTV offered by a telecom usually uses a walled garden network. For LAN, it uses UPnP AV for the unicasted media transmitted through the HTTP over the TCP. For live, RTP is used through UDP. The web based content is accessed from the connected device. The content transmits through the inline web plug in or TV broadcast based app.

  1. Local IPTV or Business IPTV

It usually disperses an AV feed to the company networks with a mixture of conventional equipment and a computer network. A business setup used commercially uses the traditional TVs, IPTV encoders and IPTV gateways.

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