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How Renting A Space for Operating Commercial Real Estate Business Is Beneficial

While several small business people think of purchasing their buildings, most of the savviest firms wish to lease commercial real estate. If you are thinking of choosing between owning and leasing, then there are five important reasons that will help you make the right decision.

Fewer Costs

Moving into commercial property for lease is affordable and less expensive than buying a commercial real estate. The loan cost combined with registry charges, 3rd party reports and other buying related expenses is more than the monthly rental money and security deposit.

Lesser monthly occupancy charges

Most of the tenants find leasing to be an effective deal on a monthly basis. Leasing is further discounted as 100 % of company’s lease payments are deductible. Only the interest part of a loan payment is going to be a write off.

Lesser capital expenditure liability

When you purchase a building, then it usually needs constant reinvestment to prevent obsolescence and aging. With rented space, you always have the option to shift to a better place on expiry of your lease agreement. You can even need your landlord to perform any important updates, upgrades, and repairs as a part of negotiation of lease renewal of a commercial real estate.

Enhanced flexibility

When you are the owner of a building, then to move from the present place requires you to sell the building. Depending on how much desirable a buyer finds your property, the actual value of the property will be decided. There is a possibility of selling your property at a break-even price.

On the contrary, if you have taken a place on rent, then you can exit from that place and choose a better place at any point of time. There are not many legal formalities involved in the process.

Benefits of purchasing a property

Owning gives you an exemplary control on the property. With the new construction, a person has the liberty to design the commercial property to suit the needs of your business, instead of meeting the requirements of current floor plans.

You gain the right to make amendments as required and the building can flourish alongside your business. Buying or developing a building enables you to modify the look of the property to enhance your visibility, and put signage where it will act as a great marketing tool.


Due to all the above reasons, it makes it quite clear that leasing a place on rent proves to be much more beneficial than buying it. So, the next time when you have to make a choice between owning or leasing, you must consider this information.

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