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10 Catchy Subject Lines that help increase Open Rate

All good Email Marketing Agencies have come to understand the importance of Subject Lines on Newsletters or Email Campaigns. This will not only guarantee you to increase your open rates and engagement but also to reach out to more subscribers without hurting your precious Deliverability.

Having a healthy Open Rate will help you keep your good reputation and make sure you’re actually delivering to about 100% of your target audience. The Subject Lines are also important to land in the primary tab and ensure that your emails are being read, each time you hit a good OR you’ll be able to increase the volume of your segment and slowly re-engage your whole list.

We won’t go deep into deliverability today but we’ll talk about some Catchy Subject Lines examples to hook your subscribers and get them to open your emails.

The goal of the subject line is to get the email read. THAT’S IT.

No need to tell the whole story or offer but compel them to open your email right away and, the best way to do this is to appeal to human’s curiosity since we don’t really like leaving things unsolved, we need closure.

Here are 10 Catchy Subject Lines to inspire you:

  1. Open ONLY if you want to

  1. Why Diets FAIL.

  1. Two things to help you right now…

  1. Just open your gift ALREADY

  1. We need to break up

  1. I’m spying on you…

  1. hate this, but it’s the truth

  1. One time deal

  1. read this before midnight

  1. Free today, gone tomorrow

You should know, all these are Subject Lines to help you increase your Open Rates but you shouldn’t be this aggressive all of the time but for specific occasions only such as Sales, Promo Campaigns, Re-engagement, Winback Flows. Be careful and empathic with your audience, receiving this kind of Subject Lines every time might bother or bore them. Take a look into these 200+ Great Email Subject Lines For Ecommerce Stores That Work For All Flows & Campaigns to get inspired, hook your audience and engage!

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