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Benefits of an Out of Hours Call Service for a Small Business

Every small business is reliant on both repeat business and finding new customers. There is a fine line to be found between success and failure and in the first few years as a business, it is likely that you’ll always be on the lookout for fresh blood to add to your existing customer base. One of the biggest problems that small businesses face during this period, is how to ensure that they do not miss out on any potential leads or miss out on repeat custom due to not being contactable. It might be that you only have the funds, equipment and space, and opening hours to maintain a customer service or sales phoneline for certain periods. What happens then to all that potential that might be contacting you when your office is closed? This is where a call handling team with an out of hours response service could positively transform your business.

Even though we have seen a change in how many people work this past year, with flexible working and different working hours for many, most people still work traditional 9-5 hours and are unable to make calls to businesses until after those hours or at weekends. If your small business only operates during those same hours, you could be missing out on new customers or returning customers. This is the biggest benefit to outsourced call centre teams becoming your out of hours service. It ensures that your customers and potential customers will always be able to speak to someone representing your company and brand.

This approach automatically means you are increasing your potential leads and sales. This is what you want as a small business aiming to grow – build sales numbers and increase the bottom line. On top of that, by hiring an external contact centre team, you are ensuring that there is a level of consistency to each conversation with your customers, as that is what customer service agents are trained to do.


Why take the risk as a small business of missing out on potential returning customers and brand-new customers to add to your current customer base? It is completely fine to be in a position as a small business where you cannot afford to have internal staff working beyond your traditional 9-5 working hours in order to answer the phone. But, a professional contact centre offers you the chance to build your brand reputation and never miss out on a potential sale ever again with an out of hours service that covers all your bases. With the help of a professional out of hours call service you know that your customers will be greeted in a professional and consistent way, maintaining customer satisfaction rates and building confidence in your brand over time. It also allows your staff to focus on what they are best at, without compromising quality anywhere in your organisation. Small businesses need support at times in order to grow, and there is never any shame in taking expert advice from an external source.

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