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Building for the Future With Kevin Modany: How the Managing Director of Bluerock Partners Attacks the Day

Kevin Modany is the Managing Director at BlueRock Partners and has worked in that position since 2016. A prolific team builder and an expert in leadership services, Kevin Modany, works closely with his teams to build better outcomes for whatever projects they are working on.

An expert in project management and process enhancement, Modany approaches his work meticulously, allowing him to progress on his tasks. Modany shared what works and what doesn’t work for him in an interview with Ideamensch.

Let’s explore what works for Kevin Modany by outlining his keys to success as an entrepreneur.

Creating Positive Working Habits

Kevin Modany believes learning how to plan and execute your day to become an expert or leader in any field is essential. Modany likes to start his days with a quick rise and an even quicker start, setting to work on the lists that he has kept throughout the week.

Kevin Modany stays organized by keeping a long list of tasks ahead of him. These tasks are the first thing that he refers to in the morning, getting off to a quick start with little effort.

Modany says, “I catch up on email and correspondences in the mornings. I find that this helps me prepare for the day.”

After he puts a dent in his list of objectives, Modany likes to carve out some time for himself at the gym. Exercising, running, and resistance training are all aspects of fitness that Modany believes support his efforts as an industry leader.

Kevin Modany admits that he even uses running and exercise to unclear his mind when running into walls. Modany added, “When I’m unfocused or overwhelmed, I go for a run. It’s meditative, helpful for focusing, and great exercise.”

Of course, any kind of fitness is better than zero fitness. Modany suggests taking time to get up and get active to ensure that you are not physically and mentally hitting a wall in your work.

Incentivizing Progress With Deliberate Strategies

Attacking projects and developing processes for success at the highest levels of leadership can take time and effort. Kevin Modany believes taking a long and short view of the work ahead is essential, developing processes that aim to accomplish both concepts.

Modany says his greater strength comes from his ability to have a micro and macro perspective of the work ahead. Modany adds, “You can turn those macro thoughts into executable initiatives that align directly with those goals that align with the strategic plan.”

Modany said I’ve seen the whole picture strategically and operationally, from micro to macro.

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