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Home Security: How Do You Set A Lock?

First, make sure your lock with Latch Installer for example is working properly and that nothing is missing. If a manual is delivered with it, it is recommended that you refer to it. Indeed, some locks have particularities, and the presence of notice can help you. The lock you have chosen may be delivered with a template to facilitate installation; if this is the case, do not refrain from referring to it.

Before mounting the lock, it is important to determine where you want to install it and make sure that it works both on the door and on the wall that will receive the rest of the mechanism. As seen previously, make sure to choose a sufficiently solid location.

Using the drilling template, if available, mark the locations to be drilled. If this template is not provided, it is better to make one on paper. Then you need to fix it where you want to install the lock. With your pencil, a point at the center of the marks, pressing enough so that the dots are visible. Once all the marks have been marked, all you have to do is remove the template.

Take a wooden board and place it where the cylinder will emerge outside the door. Hold it in place with two clamps. Protecting the pads of the clamps is recommended to avoid marking your door. This wedge should be larger than the hole you are going to drill. Its role is to prevent the wood from splitting when it comes out of the drill bit, or hole saw.

It is then time to drill the hole for the safety cylinder. To do this, you must choose a bit or drill bit with a diameter slightly larger than the cylinder. Some cylinders require protection; in this case, check the diameter required by this reinforcement. Drill in one goes while maintaining good horizontality. The drilling must be regular, without being too fast, especially at the end, to avoid splintering the wood.

How To Secure Your Home

Install An Alarm For Your Home

A house alarm on for example is a very effective device for informing, protecting, and warning, which comes in different forms with different operations for the same purpose:

With some of them, you have to arm the alarm system when you leave your house or activate access protection when you go to bed.

Some systems have a remote control that allows you to activate your alarm easily.

Your family members may use badges or a code.

You Can Also Have A CCTV System Installed

It is even possible to have an application for connected management of your alarm wherever you are.

Depending on the model chosen, if the alarm goes off, an operator will call you to check what is happening and if the police should be notified.

If you have pets, it is possible to choose a suitable alarm system that will not go off each time they pass.

Strengthen Your Door

Most often, burglars come through the front door. It is, therefore, advisable to opt for quality locks. Otherwise, a burglar-proof door will offer greater resistance to any intrusion attempt and thus deter burglars.

Install A Motion Sensor Light

Installing this lighting in front of your door is also a good deterrent to thieves. Indeed, when it is dark, this light is triggered when someone approaches the door. Another good solution is to complicate access to your home by installing a defensive hedge around it, for example.

Built-In Safe

If you have valuables, rather than hiding them in the most unlikely places that are not always remembered, it is wiser to opt for installing a built-in safe. In addition to being easy to conceal, you can put anything of value in it, whether monetary or sentimental.

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