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The 4 Benefits Of Using Serviced Offices When You Are Starting Your New Business.

Setting up a new business in Sydney is no easy feat and there is a lot of red tape associated with setting up a business in a city like this. People tell you that first impressions last and none more so than in business. The first thing that prospective customers see will help make their minds up regarding whether they want to do business with you at all and if they are entering a rundown building with an office that looks like it came from the 70’s, then it’s likely, they will turn around and just leave. What you need is a professional office space, but without all the overheads associated with setting up your own office and you have all this in the form of a serviced office. For a new venture, you need to be able to get office space for the short-term to see if your idea will work and if it does great, but if it doesn’t, you need the flexibility to be able to move on without all the red tape involved with that.

You can rent serviced offices in Sydney and there are so many reasons why this is an excellent idea. A fully serviced office space could be just what you need to get your business off the ground and be the right fit for you, right now. Here are some reasons why it may be the right choice.

  1. Moving into offices set up by yourself is very time consuming. Phone and internet lines have to be set up, the office space needs to be furnished and this is time that could be better spent getting new business and taking care of your current customers. It would take at the very least, 1 full day to make the move and set everything up, but with a serviced office, it’s all done and dusted for you.
  1. Finding a short term lease in Sydney is something that you will find really hard to find, if at all. However, with serviced offices, short term leases are their main selling point. You can even get an agreement to rent from month to month until your business gets its feet and then you can move on, or discuss a longer lease if required.
  1. You will need administrative staff and so you have to go through the hassle of sorting out applications, picking prospective candidates and then interviewing them. This is costly and time consuming. With your serviced office, the professional administrative staff are already there to help you from the get go.
  1. In Sydney, you will find that the serviced offices available are in the right areas of the city for you to create the right impression. The buildings are modern, furnished from top to bottom and they really set the tone when new clients come to your office. As they make their way to your office, they will encounter professionalism at all times.

The location of your office can be the difference between success and failure. Get yourself a prime location for the networking needed by using a serviced office.

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