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Video Lighting: How To Get It Right In Your Productions

Those who produce or want to start producing audiovisual content need to be very careful with one specific point: lighting for video. A poorly lit scene, in addition to giving the impression of a lack of knowledge and specialized care with the recording, can spoil your users’ viewing experience and negatively impact your communication strategy.

After all, just like audio failures, poor lighting can compromise the understanding of its contents and make the audience lose interest in what they are watching – or what, in this case, they cannot watch. Just like the camera, script, and planning, lighting for video is essential and indeed a big difference between a quality production and something average. Therefore, you must know the best ways to light your scene and invest in that point.

With low investment today, it is possible to assemble a basic lighting scheme – since you can improvise many things – and there are no more excuses for your videos to have the wrong light.

In this website, we’ll tell you more about the leading equipment used in lighting a scene, teach the three-point lighting scheme – one of the simplest and most popular – and also give valuable tips on the subject.

Color Temperature

Therefore, always rely on only one type of light in each scene. If recording in an enclosed space, limit ambient light as much as possible and adequately light the space with artificial light. And if you are going to take an external shot, try to use only daylight, use equipment to help you, such as reflectors, and, if you need it, use adequate light for this type of filming.

Hard Light And Diffused Light

How different types and sizes of light fall on an object are also different, and it is worth distinguishing here between hard light and diffused light, as these terms are very common when it comes to lighting.

A hard light focuses more directly on a point and gives the impression of being stronger. Hard lights need to be used with care, as they produce very strong, sharp shadows and highlight imperfections in the scene, such as the actors’ skin. And that in a video is not ideal. Diffuse light is the one that falls more smoothly, spread and diffused, on the object and illuminates it more lightly and uniformly without generating very strong shadows or leaving the scene with a very artificial aspect. Bear in mind that all these Explainer Videos Can Help Your Business should you venture into it.

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