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What are Aquifer and the Impacts of the project on the Aquifer?

Have you come across the question “what is an aquifer?” An aquifer is the layer of the underlying soil and or rock that contains freshwater. These layers and the water trapped within them are the source of water that can be used by a homeowner.

Factors to determine the water cost

However, how much water does this layer contain? This would ultimately dictate how a homeowner could afford to live where they are and so, it would be prudent for them to know. This would include the areas that are prone to landslides, high or low rainfall, earthquakes, and so on. A homeowner would have to factor these when determining their water cost and what they are going to get from the supply.

Comprehensive researches from professionals

A homeowner who has lived in their home for a long time would have a better grasp on the aquifer and its impacts on their quality of life compared to those who have just moved into a home in the region. Moreover, if a homeowner is uncertain of the aquifer in their area- they can do in-depth researches from professionals in the field.

All in, it would be a waste of time and resources to invest if the homeowner is not sure what the impacts will be when they are finished. They would help déterminer les impacts d’un projet sur l’aquifère.

Benefits offered in the projects

Sometimes the benefits we see in projects can seem to be small with insignificant effects. However, for the ecosystem, each project that we take up in our industry or life has a profound effect. For example, many of your favorite foods were grown from a fruit that came from a local orchard, the same way that an environmental scientist might have a big impact on the waterway and its ecology by conducting a study. That is where the scientific research comes in. We can understand if a project affects the environment from a scientific and academic view, even if we do not see all of its impact or results on the first try. However, if a project does not work, we can try it again.

Simultaneously, it is essential that we conduct an environmental report or project impact assessment (PIAs) to be able to determine the benefits of the study to the ecosystem. This assessment will provide us with a framework to assess, plan and review the environmental aspects of a project. The environmental aspects include a project’s potential to disrupt the natural ecological processes of the receiving environment. If you see a project that you feel will pose a threat to the natural habitat, you can put forward your project through the various institutions available.

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