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What Are The Main Types Of Apartments Found?

The real estate sector is highly diverse and offers numerous options for apartments. Therefore, it is possible to find projects that meet all priorities, from those who want the practicality of a compact property to those who need a larger space. In this sense, the characteristics of an apartment must be known and fit perfectly with your life goals.

Aspects such as design, number of rooms, and location are essential to have a property that suits your routine. See below or visit website the most common types of apartments currently!


The studio is a modern apartment that has gained space in large cities in recent years. It is a property in which the rooms are not divided by walls, creating a spacious and cozy environment, and integrating all spaces.


Another type of apartment such as Townhouses for sale in Indiana for example that gained space in the market is flat, which consists of a model located in buildings that offer hotel services. It is a model that permanent or temporary residents can use. They are usually found in big cities and ideal for those with a busy routine.


Lofts are apartments very similar to studios; that is, there is no division of rooms by internal walls. The main difference between these types is the size; the lofts are more significant than the studio and have a higher ceiling height, which can reach more than three meters.


The penthouses are apartments on the top floor of a building, so they have ample space and have the penthouse as a helpful area. These apartments are considered a luxury and more significant than traditional ones. Generally, the outer space of the roof is used for leisure.

Standard Apartment

Standard apartments are considered the most common type of apartment on the market, with two or three bedrooms and well-defined rooms. It is a traditional model and much sought after by those who want to invest, live with their family, or even alone.

Garden Apartment

The Garden apartment is located on the ground floor of a building and therefore has private spaces. In these spaces, it is possible to have a garden, hot tubs, barbecue, and other purposes for individual use by residents.

Kit Net

The kit net is an apartment model that became famous among people who live alone and need a compact space without giving up comfort. Typically, these properties have a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen, and a small bathroom.

Duplex And Triplex

The duplex model is a good alternative for those who want to have a large, modern, and luxurious property. They are apartments similar to the standard type; however, with one more floor, larger rooms, and a fine finish, they are more expensive options. The triplex is even bigger and more luxurious, with three floors in a single apartment. In many projects, the top floor of the triplex is dedicated to leisure, with a barbecue, a large balcony, and other options. Therefore, it requires a higher investment.

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