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What To Consider When Hiring A Financial Advisor?

Outsourcing the financial management of your company is an important decision and should be taken with caution. But do you know what to evaluate when hiring a financial advisor who can advise you on Financial Planning?

You are decided: you will outsource your company’s finances. That is, a specialist will take care of all your financial operations. You take a look at the internet; you understand the differences between consulting, advisory and accounting, but

What Attributes To Evaluate In Each Of The Companies That Provide This Service Type?

Don’t worry; we have the answer! will analyze 3 super-important attributes when hiring a financial advisor. And don’t worry; you will realize that the decision will be much easier at the end of the text.

1) Communication

Without it, no kind of service can be performed. Communication is essential so that financial processes can be aligned between advisory and client in a precise and noiseless way. And communication is essential because your finances (and your companies) are essential and should be handled by someone who speaks the same language as you. Therefore, a language filled with stone-age jargon or completely robotic can generate conflicts and discomfort after hiring. Being playful, clear, and transparent with the client’s financial situation is very important during the financial advisory process.

 2) Knowledge

The person responsible for your company’s finances must know the financial field. And knowing about finances is much more than being good; it knows the techniques of financial analysis – knowing how to communicate them, as we saw in the previous item – and knowing their applications so that they can be helpful in the reality of your company. And believe me, the financial reality of companies varies a lot. Generally, it depends on the sector of activity, the size of the company, and even its longevity and trajectory. Thus, it is common to find companies that offer technically renowned solutions but specialize in companies different from yours.

 3) Trust

Trust in the company, the advisor, the processes, everything! A financial advisory is an intense, strong, and daily relationship. And like any relationship, it is also based on trust. When hiring a financial advisor for your organization, check if the processes established for the financial routine are reliable, if your data will be safe with the responsible company and if it is possible to meet the specialists who will take care of all your operations. Money is a very serious business!


Hiring a consultant can be love at first sight. The gains are numerous, from more time to focus on what matters to the professionalization of the financial service as a whole. With a wide range of companies offering services of this nature, it is challenging to decide what to evaluate each and how this can impact your company’s financial processes after hiring. If in doubt, remember the 3C’s: Communication, Knowledge and Trust! These are 3 super important factors to evaluate when hiring any service that aims to outsource your finances.

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