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Why Do You Need Bike Insurance For Your Bajaj Pulsar?

In India, the brand Bajaj is synonymous with two-wheelers and embodies trust, reliability, and performance. Bajaj Pulsar is one of the best-selling motorcycles due to its stylish looks and impeccable performance. In fact, the popularity of Bajaj can largely be attributed to the performance of the Pulsar in the Indian market. If you are planning to invest in the Pulsar, then you must think about the kind of insurance you need for it. While the Motor Vehicles Act makes it mandatory for all two-wheelers to have a valid bike insurance policy, you can opt for the comprehensive Pulsar Insurance policy to get complete protection for your bike or a third party bike insurance. Today, we will talk about Bajaj Pulsar bike insurance and look at the reasons why you need to buy one.

Reasons why you should buy a comprehensive Bajaj Pulsar insurance policy

When you ride a bike, regardless of your driving skills, you cannot avoid accidents and mishaps.

These incidents can be dangerous and result in one or more of these outcomes:

  • Damage to third-party property
  • Injury or death of a third-party person
  • Injury or death of the owner-driver of the insured bike
  • Damage to the insured bike

If your bike causes the accident, then you are legally liable to pay for repairs or medical treatment costs for the third party. You might also have to compensate the third party in certain cases. Also, you will have to bear the costs of repair of your bike and manage any medical treatment costs. These costs can escalate into a large sum and derail your financial plans.

When you opt for comprehensive insurance for bike, the insurer offers the following coverage:

  • Third-party liability cover. This includes repair costs, medical treatment and hospitalization costs, compensation payments, and legal fees.
  • Damage to the insured vehicle. This includes the costs of repair and replacement of parts of the insured bike.
  • Personal Accident cover. This includes compensation to the family of the policyholder if he/she is disabled or dies during any such accident.
  • Calamities and Disasters cover. This includes compensation to the policyholder if the insured bike is damaged due to natural calamities or man-made disasters.
  • Theft cover. If the insured bike is stolen and not recoverable by the police, then the insurer pays the sum assured as compensation to the policyholder.

Bajaj Pulsar bike insurance price

The premium of a comprehensive Bajaj Pulsar bike insurance policy depends on a range of factors including:

  • The age of the bike
  • Your geographical location
  • Your driving history and claim record
  • The add-on covers chosen by you
  • Voluntary deductible, etc.

Most insurers offer a free online bike insurance calculator to help you get an estimate of the premium based on the features you need. Make sure that you use this calculator to customize the policy as per your needs.

How to buy a Bajaj Pulsar insurance policy?

You can buy Bajaj Pulsar insurance by visiting the office of the insurance provider or insurance agent. This is the offline way of buying bike insurance.

The preferred way of buying a policy is by visiting the website of the insurer and purchasing it online. Here are some steps to help you buy a Bajaj Pulsar insurance policy online:

  • Visit the website of the insurance provider
  • Provide details of the bike like its registration number, model, etc.
  • Choose the Insured Declared Value (IDV)
  • Enter your personal details that include your location
  • Choose the add-on covers
  • Determine the voluntary deductible
  • Receive a quote of the premium based on your choice and preference selected above
  • Pay the premium
  • Receive the policy documents at your registered email address

Summing Up

If you are planning to buy a Bajaj Pulsar, then make sure that you assess your insurance requirements so that you can choose the right policy for your two-wheeler. Also, compare providers and plans and get your bike the protection it needs and deserves. Good Luck!

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