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4 Good Reasons To Choose Office Rental In A Business Center

Rather than renting your business premises, why not rent offices in a business center? There are many advantages to renting “a la carte,” a so-called “shared” workspace. The business center, a kind of colocation of offices for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and liberal professions, is made of surfaces of different sizes and is modular and fully equipped. This concept offers the possibility of renting individual and collective offices, meeting rooms, and conference rooms.

They are generally installed in a building dedicated to tertiary activities. For convenience and accessibility, business centers are often located in the city center, at the heart of the economic hubs of large conurbations.

Renting Offices In A Business Center Has Several Advantages:

  1. Simple And Economical Solution

To be able to rent a room, when signing the lease, you will be asked to present numerous guarantees, such as proof of certain income or sufficient cash via the presentation of a deposit (bank guarantee, joint guarantee, etc.). You may also be asked for an active account or the last 3 balance sheets if your company is already in operation. A service contract for equipped offices is offered as part of the rental of offices in a business center. You, therefore, do not sign any lease; there is no rent to pay but a monthly service invoice.

With few supporting documents and a minimum-security deposit for renting offices in a business center, you must reserve and pay for the workspace you have chosen to start working and receive your clients. Contrary to what is provided for in a lease, the rental fee for offices in a business center generally provides for other services made available to your company (reception of your customers, management of incoming and outgoing mail, concierge, switchboard, etc.).

  1. A Very Flexible Formula

Renting offices or individual office space for rent in a business center allows you to enjoy a lot of freedom with many options available.

This includes:

No time commitment (no lease, you rent a space for the fixed term of your choice). The rental period is variable: hour, half-day, month, or year depending on your needs.

You can rent offices of different sizes as your business grows and upgrade to larger spaces when needed.

The possibility of domiciliating your company in these same premises and benefiting from service for processing your mail and parcels.

  1. Facilities And Services On Site

Office rental in a business center offers many facilities and services to professionals beyond the simple provision of premises. The offices are fully equipped, including furniture, an exclusive and private telephone line assignment to your company, cleaning, electricity, heating/air conditioning, etc. All you have to do is put down your boxes and your personal effects to start your activity. Also, scanners, printers, fax, wi-fi, and office supplies. All the professional equipment you may need is available directly on-site. There are also spaces to relax and chat with other professionals in a friendly atmosphere. The rental of meeting rooms and conference rooms is often planned.

Finally, some places also offer reception services for your visitors, concierge services, organization of events such as professional breakfasts for your customers, sports hall, etc.

  1. Opportunities For Exchanges Between Tenant Companies

Renting offices in a business center or in 626 N LaSalle offices and co-working spaces for example can allow you to meet other entrepreneurs and develop business opportunities. Business centers are places for sharing experiences between entrepreneurs. You have the opportunity to help each other, to learn from other professions, and to give birth to joint projects.

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