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The Importance of the Single Central Record

The central record portal is one of the most effective ways of making sure that you hire the right employees for your school. The central record system has been widely implemented throughout the UK, and every school needs to comply with it, in accordance with the guidance provided by the Department for Education Statutory. The record system was developed to keep children safe in an educational environment. It is designed for carrying out standard recruitment checks to ensure that each employee is properly vetted before being allowed near children. Some of the many records that you will find in there include:

  • Prior employment history
  • Any history of arrests
  • Work experience
  • Any citations

If you are the administrator in a school, you will need to use the single central record system to find suitable candidates and vet them properly. Here are a few things that you should know about the central record system.

Online Availability

One of the main reasons why the central record system is so popular is because the records are stored online and can be accessed directly. The online availability makes it easy for administrators to vet employees.

Services List

There is a comprehensive services list where you can find information about employees who have been banned or barred from certain services. It’s important that you go through the list before you make any potential hire, as you will be responsible for running the recruitment checks.

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