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Conversational Messaging: Redefining Customer Communication

If you’re trying to reach and engage with your target audience, effective customer communication is essential. However, instead of traditional methods of businesses reaching out to customers, there’s a way for today’s buyers to initiate the conversation instead. They want to feel that communication goes both ways, which is one of the reasons why a concept called conversational messaging is growing in popularity.

What is Conversational Messaging?

Conversational messaging involves two-way communication between a customer and an organization. This can happen through SMS texts, chatbots, and other instant messaging apps. However, to excel at conversational messaging, it’s vital to communicate with customers on their preferred channel. For example, if your customers are visiting your website on a desktop, you could use a conversational AI chatbot to ask if they need any assistance.

Conversational messaging is similar to conversational marketing, which involves sending marketing messages on various channels. These can be product recommendations based on search history or notifications about abandoned carts. Conversational messaging can lead to improved customer service, more leads, and increased retention!

There are several providers of conversational marketing, but one is Mitto, an industry and conversational messaging. Contact us today to learn more about our innovative products and services!

Benefits of Conversational Messaging

Conversational messaging is all about getting fast, informative answers to questions. Rather than sending an email and waiting for a response, conversational messaging tools allow customers to request and receive immediate help. This can be the difference between making a sale or not!

Take a look at even more benefits of conversational messaging below:

Personalized Experiences

Many conversational messaging apps are connected to analytics software that stores information about your customers. Whether it’s search history or customer details, this data can be used to provide personalized offers and messaging to your audience. This can deliver convenience, trust, and loyalty to the customer.


Another great feature of conversational messaging is that it typically involves conversations that can be picked up and left off at any time. For example, if a customer asks a question in the morning using a messaging app, they can pick up the same conversation later that day. This allows customers to communicate when it’s most convenient for them.


Conversational messaging takes efficiency to another level. These products feature AI tools and rich elements like buttons and calendars, making everything easier for the customer. Buyers can take action faster, leading to less time spent purchasing an item or finding information.

Conversational Messaging Best Practices

Customers often feel overwhelmed with countless ads and marketing content from businesses. This can lead to customers ultimately ignoring messaging, which can lower your ROI and harm the customer experience. This is where a solid conversational messaging strategy can help.

Here are conversational messaging best practices to keep in mind:

Create personalized messaging

Try to use your data to develop customized messaging and solutions for your customers. Recommend products based on previous conversations, remind them of an abandoned cart, or ask if they have any questions about a specific product they viewed. Also, always address them by name and reference details you’ve gathered through analytics. This will make them feel valued and respected.

Be transparent

Building trust is a top priority of conversational messaging. However, if you’re not upfront with your customers, this trust and loyalty can wither. If you’re utilizing chatbots or automated messaging, simply let the customer know. While people don’t usually mind speaking with a chatbot, they want to be aware of it. By managing these customer expectations, you can create a more engaging, trusted customer experience.

Mitto — Conversational Messaging Made Easy!

Mitto is a software solution that can help your business with SMS marketing, conversational messaging campaigns, and more! If you want to better engage with your customers and create a more seamless communication process, schedule a demo with us today!

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