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Safety Precautions for The Installation of Industrial Fans

Hunter Industrial understands the importance of having functional and reliable fans, which they provide to their clients depending on their building space size and needs. Industrial fans offer a considerable advantage in the spaces they get installed in, making the space comfortable for the workers there. The professionals offer immense assistance to their clients to ensure that they understand the available fan options and the benefits they come with to ensure that they get the one that best serves their needs without any adverse effects. Once the desired fan option gets selected, then comes the installation part.

Hunter Industrial professionals are well-trained to perform excellent industrial fan installation services safely that don’t put them or the workers in danger. The available installation packages provided to clients include platinum and gold-level installation packages. The two installation packages involve activities to ascertain the proper functioning of the fans before they get put to use. On top of the installation services, there are inspection and cleaning services to ensure that the fans stay in good condition for optimum functioning. However, it must take the installation of precautionary measures to prevent accidents that can get avoided in the first place. The preventive measures against the following hazards:

Fire hazards

Fire, electric shock, and crushing are some things that one needs to take the necessary precautions against during installation. To avoid their occurrence, the industrial fan installation must get done directly from a building structure with the capacity to withstand double the hanging weight of the fan. Once the structure is identified, go ahead and install the retention cable. The other precaution to take is to ensure that the circuit breaker gets turned off at any given time while servicing the fan, with the option of fastening a warning device to the electrical panel if it becomes impossible to turn off the circuit breaker. Another thing to consider when selecting an installation point is the proximity to flammable gas, vapor, and combustible dust, ensuring that the fan gets installed miles away from such areas. It is also advisable to check the state and federal codes before performing any industrial fan installation since it facilitates the confirmation that the product listing and building regulations get met.

Electric shock

Industrial fans are electrical machines; hence the need to take the necessary precaution to avoid electrical accidents. During the industrial fan installation, all the wiring must get done following the local and national codes. If unsure of the various codes, it becomes prudent to seek the services of a professional in the field. Working with doubts increases the chances of an electrical accident occurring that would have been avoided by resorting to working with a professional in the field. It is advisable not to use any extension cords with the fan, and the covers shouldn’t get removed when the fan is powered on. Also, the voltage is another critical factor, as improper voltage makes the fan more dangerous than helpful. After the installation, whenever there’s a need to service the fan, the first step should be to disconnect the power by switching off the circuit breaker and ensuring the lockout procedures get put in place. Safety is paramount in all the procedures as it prevents accidents that would have dire consequences on the operator and the workers.


Depending on where the fan is installed, it is necessary to mark the area to alert the people around to create room for the successful completion of the process. Also, the ladders must get well situated firmly to offer the required stability to the person doing the industrial fan installation. Proper protective gear must get worn, and the fan must get handled with maximum care such that it doesn’t get damaged before it is installed to perform the specific functions it is meant to perform. The personal protective equipment that one gets to wear includes a hard hat to protect their head from getting knocked by unforeseen objects. The other gear is safety glasses to protect things from getting into the eyes of the person doing the installation, causing them discomfort and might put them in danger of losing balance and falling. The third protective gear is the fall harness which holds the installation expert in place to prevent them from toppling down in case of any loss of balance.

Things to ensure that the fan gets installed away from

During an industrial fan installation, there are several things that the person doing the installation must ensure that the fan gets installed away from for further safety enhancement. The features include the following:

Sprinkler systems

Fan and sprinkler systems code compliance must be looked into, and precautions must be taken when there is a fire sprinkler. The fans should get installed a minimum of 3 feet below the sprinkler deflector and be centered between four close and adjacent sprinklers. The other thing to ensure is the industrial control panel gets connected to a fire relay system to bring the fans to a halt when a fire erupts.

Lights and skylights

Doing an industrial fan installation directly underneath lights and skylights creates room for a strobe effect by the constantly moving blades. The fans must get placed a minimum of two feet between the light fixtures and the blades.

Walkways and Mezzanines

A building with walkways and mezzanines requires that the fans get mounted to prevent them from being in contact with those passes through those points. The flan blades should get installed a minimum of five feet away from places where people pass. If not well done, the rotating blades pose a huge threat to the building dwellers and workers, making the fan very risky.


Industrial fans have immense benefits to the buildings where they get installed hence the importance of having them in the first place. However, it is essential to take the necessary precautions during their installation to ensure that they get to perform the objective of their purchase. The various concerns and care highlighted above must get well considered for the safety of the building workers and the installation team.

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