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Fire-Rated Plasterboard Can Save Your Property

Fire is always the great unknown. There is no true way to prepare for it because when a fire starts, it will rage in any direction it prefers until something is done about it. That said, there are steps that can be taken to help stifle the fire and prevent it from doing more damage.

Fire-rated Plasterboard can be one of those materials that keeps fire at bay long enough for emergency responders to arrive. There is a lot to know about this kind of material and how it can prove beneficial for your property.

Understanding Plasterboard

First and foremost, it helps to know what plasterboard is in the first place. This is more commonly referred to as gypsum board, gyprock, or drywall. It is one of the most commonly used building materials out there, typically placed between a facer and backer.

Plasterboard is used to install both interior walls as well as ceilings. Any partition or wall lining you will find in a building has likely been created using plasterboard. Given how easy it is to repair and finish, not to mention how cheap it is, it becomes easy to see why it is a preferred choice for so many applications.

Fire-Rated Plasterboard

As the name implies, fire-rated plasterboard is meant to improve fire protection in any building. These plasterboards have been rated to resist fire and come in a number of different core thicknesses and formulations.

Though they won’t stop fire completely, fire rated plasterboard can help to keep the spread of the flames, as well as smoke generation, to a minimum. These are the kind of properties that can wind up making a difference when a fire happens.

Where Fire-Rated Plasterboard Can Be Used

A great benefit of using fire-rated plasterboard is that it can be used in just about any area of a building. Whether it be partitions, ceilings, or walls, fire-rated plasterboards have low thermal conductivity, enhanced fire protection, and non-combustible properties.

Your property is an investment. Protecting that investment is crucial, and ensuring that it can resist fire properly can wind up saving that property. Fire-resistant plasterboard may not seem like much when you look at it, but it can give responders the time they need to stop the fire before it has the chance to do major damage.

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