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From Family-Owned to International Stars: The Role of Alejandro Pena at Keter

When the COVID-19 pandemic ushered a pall over much of the world, it caused us to change the way we reached out and behaved on a fundamental level. Some people reverted to shopping online, while others started focusing on essential experiences when acting in the role of a consumer. Now with the pandemic mainly in the rear-view mirror, companies are emerging out of the dust to establish themselves as industry leaders in a new, more meaningful shopping world.

Let’s understand the role that Alejandro Pena has played in the development of Keter Group, a sustainable provider of resin-based indoor/outdoor furniture and decor. By exploring their growth over the past five years, we can better understand their role in the future!

The Role of Keter Group

Keter Group was initially brought to life in Israel as a sustainable manufacturer of resin-based products. Developed more than 75 years ago, Keter Group has enjoyed the growth of not just its business but its reputation as well. Specializing in sustainable resin-based products, Keter Group provides shoppers with access to products in more than 100 countries, finding comfortable growth in the United States and throughout Europe.

Pena says of the role that Keter Group plays in the development of affordable and sustainable products, “We are innovators; reinvent what’s new and what’s next.”

Keter tells the story of its environmentalism with every product that is crafted and then sold. A Pacific Cool Bar could conceal a 7.5-gallon ice receptacle. The Adirondack chairs made by Keter also add a splash of style and longevity to any outdoor space. Pena says of the work his company does, “We do it with a sustainable mindset and consciousness.”

Importance of Consumer Innovation

Innovation is at the forefront of most successful growing businesses, and Keter Group is no exception. While the brand had found enduring success before the addition of Pena to its roster, Alejandro Pena adds a particularly viable form of innovative work to the field.

Coming from his work at the legacy company Rubbermaid, Keter helped to lead designs, bring about personality, and ensure better customer care for products and outcomes. Pena understands that a brand’s identity is closely tied to the quality of the product and the positivity of the message associated with it. Pena learned to work with 3D consumer data to make better decisions, provide better risk assessments, and ultimately find what customers want.

Pena says of his leading efforts with Keter Group, “We see Keter becoming more of a consumer-centric company where our brands will play an even bigger role in our business model.”

At the time of this writing, Pena’s goal is to help customers find the products they are looking for at the prices that they desire, “This might be in a physical store, digital store, delivered, or picked up.”

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