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Productivity and Security: Proper Cleanliness in the Workplace

It’s tough for office employees to go through the minimum five days a week and eight-hour work day to put in their routine. Since they work almost a third of their day in the workplace, it can roughlybe treated as their second home. Employee productivity is directly related to how they feel while they’re working in the office. Having a safe and clean workplace is beneficial not just to their physical health but their mental health as well. Workroom cleanliness should be your priority in your next business meeting and here are some of the bulletpoints you should highlight.

Employee’s health

Your employees must do their best to commit to the tasks that you give them, and so it’s your responsibility to make sure that they’re in a safe space where they perform their job. Ensuring that the office space is clean and free from dust and germs won’t just make it a pleasant place to work in but will also reduce the risk of your employees catching illnesses from allergens or the flu when in season.

Securing contract cleaning services to do your regular cleaning around the office is a smart step in removing one item off your to-do checklist as a business owner.

Purchasing proper cleaning materials

Besides keeping your workplace clean, you also have to consider if you’re using the right cleaning chemicals. If you’re hiring a cleaning service, check if they’re using any substances that are unsafe or will cause your employees to be at risk of an allergic reaction. Set a day for the cleaners to handle the office while you and your employees are at a separate venue to make sure that they can do their work safely and correctly. It’s best to prepare for the worst as the flu can spread like wildfire, and you wouldn’t want to have sick employees, let alone a lawsuit detailing how you unintentionally caused an office outbreak.

A smart addition to the office could be the addition of air filtration or the cleaning of air vents. It also doesn’t hurt to have hand sanitizers in your lobby or eating area if you want to take that extra measure against germs. Not only will your office feel fresh, but it’ll also smell fresh as well.

Improving motivation

No one’s a fan of working in a messy workspace. The reason why more people are leaning towards working at home is that they don’t want to deal with the hassle of commuting, inhaling the polluted air, to work in an unkempt office. Making your employees want to stay in your office will not only keep them motivated but will keep them healthy mentally and willing to show up for work the next day.

Taking care of your equipment

You wouldn’t want to order a new copier machine or computer just because the old one is filled with dust. Routine cleaning at least once a month will make sure that you won’t replace too much of your office’s equipment and will save you spending too much on dust-induced repairs.


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