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The Best Apps for Small Businesses

Small business owners generally face a variety of different issues in their early years. Most small business owners usually operate their business on a shoestring, so they are often looking for ways by which they can cut down costs and keep their business running. Most of the profits that are generated by small businesses are generally invested back into the entity, and they are mostly used for processing customer orders. This leaves very little amounts that can be used for administrative and operational purposes. Therefore, most businesses often look for different ways by which they can reduce their expenditure. Thankfully, there are a number of different mobile apps that can be used by business owners in order to save time and money. Here are some of the best mobile apps that can be used by business owners.


Kashoo is widely regarded as one of the most useful apps for small businesses. It has been around since 2008 and was originally designed to be an ideal solution for freelancers and small business owners that want professional accounting services. The app allows you to quickly create invoices, handle taxes, and even carry out audits. It also allows you to present financial data in a series of different ways. The app supports transactions from multiple credit card processors, and the company also has its own payment gateway.


Arguably one of the biggest mobile apps in use in the world today, Slack allows a team of workers to collaborate on a single project. It’s a fantastic cloud-based tool that helps keep all messages and files in a single thread, allowing users to collaborate from all parts of the globe on a single project. It’s a great choice for small business owners who can’t afford to build their own in-house collaborative platform. The app also integrates with more than a thousand other apps like Google Drive and Dropbox, allowing you to share files easily across different platforms.


Corporate messaging is essential in the workplace, and it’s very important for business owners to make sure that their messages remain safe and secure. Avaamo gives you the perfect platform, creating a secure platform where you can share corporate message easily without any hassle. It’s a great choice for small business owners who want a secure messaging solution without investing a large sum of money. In fact, the app also has a free version that you can try before you decide to buy the full version.


The most widely used accounting tool in the industry nowadays, Quickbooks gives you a comprehensive outlook of your finances. It is available in multiple bundles and has a subscription based option that you can use to manage your finances in a better way. QuickBooks is widely regarded as one of the best accounting software programs in the world. The plethora of options that it provides makes it a fantastic choice for small business owners who don’t know much about accounting but want to keep a close check on their finances.

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