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Understanding the different phases of the Forex market trend

There are different types of Forex indicators that help you to identify the trend. If a trader able to recognize the trend, it will be possible to do successful trading. The trend is the price behavior of the market which entails the total price increases and decreases. There are two types of trends that have been seen in the market. One is bullish and another is bearish.

Bullish trend

The bullish trend emerges when the values account for the higher base and higher peaks on the chart. In this manner, the trend line during a bullish trend should join the value bottoms on the chart. Connecting the higher lows we get the strong support to execute our long trade. Following this direction, in case of a new value interplay with a bullish trend line, traders generally anticipate the trade with managed risk. But never think the trend line will always stay unbroken.

Bearish trend

Bearish is the opposite of bullish. The trend is bearish when the value action generates lower peaks and a lower base on the Forex chart. In this manner, the downtrend line should be gone through the swing peaks on the chart and the resulting trend line behaves as a resistance for the asset. To make things clear, get a demo account from Saxo Forex broker and learn to trade the future market with zero risk. Soon, you will be able to find the perfect resistance by using the bearish trend line.

Forex Trend Line

One of the easiest ways to analyze the trend by using trendlines. It is an on-chart diagonal line, which joins a number of peaks or bases on the Forex chart. If the trend line controls to join a number of value tops, then, traders expect the value action to conform to this direction. In this case, people can say that the fundamental function of the trendline is to behave as a support or resistance for the value action.

Swing highs and lows

Value swings are a fundamental characteristic of every trend on a graph. If the peaks and base are rising, traders will get an uptrend. If the tops and bottoms are declining, then people have a bearish trend. Besides these, there is a non-trending environment such as a range market.These swing high and low and create the oscillating pattern in the chart.

The Third Impulse

Every two points on the graph could be joined with a straight line. But, if a third point lies on a similar line, then people have a tendency react at the third point. In this case, the trend confirmation generally execute their order at the third point. Rejection of the resistance results in short trade and when we see a bullish bounce at the support, we go for a long trade.

Trading Volumes

Volumes are beneficial for recognizing emerging trends. The purpose of it is that in many cases the Forex pair will begin trending after the volumes have been a rise. In this case, the impulse trend proceeds appear during higher trading volumes. Rectification, on the other hand, emerges during lower trading volumes. When volumes are big, there is a lot of movement in the market. Therefore, big volumes proffer insights into appearing trend impulse waves.

Trend Impulse

The trend impulse refers to a value move which comes after the interaction with the trend line and after the value bounces in the direction of the trend. These are the types of moves that a trend trader runs after. The purpose of this is that the trend urges lead to bigger value moves for an approximately shorter period of time.

Trend Correction

The restorative moves during trends in Forex come after the urges and lead the value back to the trend. The correctional moves on the graph are not as appealing for trading. Investors without proper trading experience should not enter into the market when the value is in a correction phase. The reason for this is that corrections are usually smaller and often last longer than the trend urges.

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