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Ways to Find Reliable Dropshipping Wholesalers and Suppliers

There are so many retail stores and wholesale suppliers in the market but not all of them are legitimate. To get reliable service, satisfaction, and mental peace, it is important to identify who is legitimate and who is not.

Authentic wholesalers buy right from the manufacturer and offer better pricing.  Besides it, there are a few more signs/characteristics that will help you identify the right one.

They Want Continuing Fees

Real wholesalers do not charge a monthly fee to their customers for offering a service to them. A supplier, who asks for a monthly service fee, or membership, is not authentic. Several directories charge an ongoing or one-time fee; you should not sign that directory. is a leading worldwide wholesale and dropshipping platform. It is one of the free dropshipping sites that offer reputed worldwide online sellers with quality dropshipping products of more than 20,000 profitable SKUs.

An Extensive Search

Many legitimate wholesalers do not invest in effective marketing and advertising of their business. In other words, you will have to dig via a lot of search results to identify the website of the wholesaler.

They May Have an Unappealing Website

As a legitimate wholesaler does not need promotion of their service, they do not spend much time in website design. You may see their website appearing poorly and outdated design websites and cringe-worthy homepages.

Less Use of Keyword Modifiers

Genuine wholesalers do not invest in extensive SEO. This makes it hard to find them on search engine websites based on keywords such as “warehouse”, “distributor,” “bulk,” “reseller,” “supplier” etc.

Per-Order Fees

Based on the complexity or size of the items, a lot of dropshippers charge a drop shipping fee per order that ranges from $2 to $5 or more. This is because the cost of packaging and shipping orders is higher compared to delivery of a bulk order.


Keeping these signs in mind, you can easily distinguish between genuine and fake wholesalers and retailer stores. This information will help you in the right search for suppliers.

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