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Ways to incorporate a melaphone into your company

Ways to incorporate a melaphone into your company

The melaphone is a voice communication gadget that allows the exchange of information through transfer windows. The device’s design is unique, which blocks the entrance of air into it hence ensuring secure communication. The blockage of air by the machine prevents entry of dust, draughts or other microscopic organisms carried by wind making it safe for use by humankind. The device was invented in the 1960s, and very few modifications have occurred since its inception.

Merits of Melaphones

The melaphone device comes into two different sizes-small circular and large circular- and customers can purchase depending on their preferences. The device’s model incorporates the use of polycarbonate guard that makes it last long without damage. The stainless-steel mesh on the outer part adds protection making it an easy to use the device. The device also contains a transparent diaphragm that serves as the speech transfer window through which voice passes through during communication. The membrane prevents entry of air and dust particles into the telephone, which provides a safe platform for the exchange of information. The device is suitable for use in instances that require reliable and secure environments to pass information such as in the hospitals, pharmacy, and reception areas.

How Melaphones Works

Melaphone is a clean room intercom that allows two-way exchange of voice in an interior environment and its exterior. The device contains a transparent diaphragm that is uniquely made to prevent entry of air. The diaphragm serves as the speaker, which allow the exchange of information and the power supply is also not a requirement. The workers in a clean interior room-devoid of dust-can communicate with their counterparts in the outside and see each other without contamination of the air. The diaphragm comes in different diameters making it flexible for use in rooms of different dimensions. The diaphragm is designed to offer high-quality visual images, which allow people outside to see those inside the room.

Additional Features of the Device

Melaphones comprise of the cylindrical unit that contains the speech transfer window where voice messages are exchanged without the medium of a speaker system or the amplification by the electrical connections. A speech transfer window is a unit that allows passage of information and employees can communicate vividly with one another. Cylinders are mostly utilised in case the device is provided in the double casing. Melaphone’s inner membrane fitted within each unit amplifies the sound acoustically preventing the transmission of air, dust and other materials. The polycarbonate guard helps to absorb the high impact hence offering protection to the people communicating via the clean room intercom. One advantage of using the device is that its spare parts are readily available in case of damage. The installation of the equipment is also simple as a manual are provided with adequate illustrations that show step by step process.

Melaphones Meets Accreditation Standards

The standards of quality measured to ascertain their value and working capacity proved positive. Melaphones can allow safe and secure communication in sensitive areas such as in the medical field. The accreditation tests exceeded the expectation of many people making the devices the most trusted for their safety.

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