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Why you shouldn’t be ashamed to take advantage of offers in webcam modeling?

There’s a saying that goes like this: poor people buy the most expensive things. At first, it sounds counterintuitive, but once you get its true meaning, this expression turns out very true indeed. So, people who don’t have a lot of money usually buy the cheapest products they could find, but they break down much faster, which means they have to be replaced sooner rather than later. On the other hand, people with more money and presumably better financial education tend to invest more in something they need for a long time, precisely because they think long term.

So what’s the connection with the question at the beginning of the article? Our friends at Studio 20 –, the biggest and most successful non-adult webcam modeling agency in the world, with locations in 5 countries on 3 continents (the United States of America, Columbia, the Czech Republic, Romania, and Hungary), answer. They hear their cam girls talking about offers and discounts all the time, but some don’t want to take advantage of them because they feel ashamed. Their argument is that they make enough money to buy products and services at their full price, and they don’t need a price cut to convince them.

However, as you will see by reading this article further, this strategy in webcam modeling is wrong. Basically, what these young women are saying can be translated as such: “Why should I pay 25 dollars on an item, when I can buy it for 75 dollars?”. As you can tell, this is nonsense. In other words, a discount simply means paying less for something that normally costs more, and it has nothing to do with the status of the buyer. It exists because brands want to boost sales, as well as get rid of old stocks.

Owning a lot of props means being successful in webcam modeling

In webcam modeling, you really should take advantage of price cuts, for several more or less obvious reasons. First of all, as a cam girl, even a non-adult one, you need a lot of props, such as clothes, makeup products, pillowcases and bedding, different items, etc. Since you are most likely followed by tens or even hundreds of very loyal members, they watch every show you put up and they will notice if you wear the same thing twice, for example. This is why you need far more items than other people – so why not buy them cheaper?

Also, if you turn to webcam modeling, you most certainly have your own dreams and aspirations, such as gaining independence from your parents, buying your own place to stay, the sports car of your dreams, and going into at least one or two exotic vacations every year. Therefore, why not save significant amounts of money by hunting deals and paying two, three, or even four times less than the normal price? This way, you will feed your piggy bank, and it will help you achieve your goals faster. Good luck!

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