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Comprehensive approach: the 5 pillars of a robust security system

In business, there is nothing more important than your team’s safety. What’s more, you have to ensure that any sensitive information or valuable goods are safely stored without the risk of burglary, as this can be incredibly harmful for business!

This is why Aussie execs install robust business burglar alarm systems to ensure that your team and property are kept safe from any unsavoury characters.

And, whilst you could choose just to have one feature for your business (i.e. CCTV) nothing beats the safety and peace of mind of a five-pillared security system, one that covers all bases and will protect your company from the country’s dodgy dealers.

Here’s what your comprehensive solution should entail:

  1. CCTV cameras

Nothing deters a wannabe thief more than the sight of CCTV cameras. Those pesky eyes-in-the-sky are not only designed to provide comprehensive coverage for your company’s space, but they are also there to stand out, be seen and become known to any cheeky person out there who thinks they can waltz into your company and take what they want!

They shouldn’t even be able to think about such a thing, and with the keen knowledge that there is a robust CCTV solution buzzing around the premises, would-be burglars will definitely think twice before they attempt to gain their unwarranted access.

  1. Alarms

However, if for some bizarre reason this brazen burglar thinks that they have the skills and wits to bypass your CCTV solution, they will have a very rude surprise awaiting them once they attempt to gain access to the building: the faithful alarm.

Seriously, intrusion alarms still exist because they are one of the safest and most reliable ways to catch and deter would-be thieves. The very last thing a thief wants (after CCTV, of course) is to attempt to gain access to a building only for a blaring siren to alert everyone within the vicinity that something untoward is going down in that particular building.

They’ll be off like a flash, but they will still be caught, as you now have their silly faces on your CCTV storage – win.

  1. Intercom systems

Naturally, you don’t just want any old chap walking through the front door. What’s more, you want to be able to communicate with colleagues in different areas of the building in case of an emergency – this is where the faithful intercom system comes in handy.

With multi access points, one or two-way functionality (for verifying identity), fast communication between team members and more, this is one of the most important ways to cover all bases throughout the building.

  1. Access control systems

You well know that it’s important to limit access to sensitive information and valuable goods at different times of the day, and so it’s important to have access control wherever it is most valuable.

These solutions restrict access to certain areas at specific times of day, ensuring that no one can get into that space when they are not supposed to be there…

  1. PA solutions

You never know when an emergency will occur in the workplace, and this is why it’s imperative to be able to quickly alert your team to something going down. This is why PA solutions are ubiquitous in Aussie workplaces and, naturally, that should be in yours, too!

It’s simply the best way to go

So, as you can see, this five-pronged approach to all out business security is sure to dramatically increase your company’s safety. You don’t want bizarre characters coming round at all times of day and night, and the above-listed features are to keep them from doing so – enjoy the safety and peace of mind of a comprehensive security solution now!

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