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Some Questions To Ask Digital Agencies Before You Start Working With Them

You can find an incredible digital agency in Bangkok to help you with your digital marketing, and you will need to research the various options to ensure you use a reputable agency. Not all digital agencies are equal, with some providing much better services than others. You will need to look at the various available options and ask each agency many questions to help you find the best one for your needs. Below are some questions you can ask the agencies to help you get started to increase your online visibility and boost your brand awareness and sales.

What Experience Of Our Industry Do You Have?

Although a digital agency does not have to have worked in your industry previously, it can help to get your campaign moving quickly. When an agency has experience in your sector, they will already have an idea of the best keywords and the target audience, allowing them to hit the ground running when they start work on your campaign.

Do You Outsource Any Services?

You will also want to ask any potential digital agencies whether they do all the work in-house or whether they outsource it at all. It is much easier to do quality control on the work done when everything is done in-house, so you may want to look for an agency that does this.

How Long Before We Can Expect Results?

It is a common question asked to every agency when starting work with a new client, and the truth is it is hard to tell. Most agencies will tell you that you can expect an uplift within around three months, but the budget you have available, and the competitiveness of your industry can also determine how long it will take to see results. If any agencies make promises or guarantees, take them with a pinch of sale as nothing in SEO is guaranteed.

Do You Offer Monthly Reporting?

You will also want to use the services of a digital agency that will put together detailed and informative reports monthly on the progress of your marketing campaign. You will need to ensure that information in the report is relevant and not only full of rankings. You will want to see data from analytics about how many people visited your website and various other factors.

Who Will Be Our Point Of Contact?

In some digital agencies, it seems like you are passed from pillar to post, always talking to someone new. You will want to speak with a dedicated account manager about your campaign, so they are up to speed with your business and its marketing campaign.

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